Unavaate works as a reseller for a few high-quality brands. We test the products that are taken for reselling, we want to be sure that they are high quality. Short descriptions about the brands below:


Mushie is known for scandinavian design. The most known products are i.e. silicon bibs, pacifier clips, childrens' cutlery, teethers and stacking cups. The products are in beautiful colours that make both the baby and her/his parents happy.

Mushie is founded in the USA in 2018. Behind the brand are Mushie and Levi Feigenson and their two young children. The mother of the family, Mushie, founded the company while on bed rest during her second pregnancy. 

The products of Mushie are designed in Houston, Sweden or Denmark. They are made in the USA, Denmark, Turkey and Asia (depending on the product). For example the stacking cups are designed and made in Denmark. The principles of making and designing the products are sustainable delevopment, high quality and reasonable price.

Mushie's products that are sold by Unavaate are pacifier clips, very high quality silicone bibs and many different toys. The products are long-lasting and have been the most popular among our customers.


Bibs is founded in 1978 and it's Danish babies' and toddlers' brand. The story of Bibs started with an iconic Colour-pacifier which has been joined by many new products over the years. Nowadays Bibs's products are sold in 80 different countries through more than 9000 resellers, of which Unavaate is one. 

As a company Bibs is creative and it has progressive mindset as well as innovative product organization. They are committed to offer sustainably produced, safe and aesthetic products. Bibs acquires the material by themselves, produces, tests and certificates according to the highest standards in the market, in order to ensure the best possible quality for customers.

Bibs products are designed and made in Denmark.


Cóndor is Spanish textile company founded in 1898. The most known products of Cóndor are high quality socks and tights, they are soft but tight enough. All the products are designed and made in Spain. Cóndor products are sold in over 30 countries in their own stores and through resellers. Unavaate is Cóndor's sock product reseller in Finland. 

Cóndor products are comfortable to use and they don't go down easily. The sizes are small especially in tights. If you are not sure whether to take the smaller or bigger size, we recommend you to choose the bigger one. 

Cóndor is known for its quality and recognized as a genuine, responsible and reliable operator from many years of experience. The products of Cóndor are stylish and modern.


The books that Una sells are made by Elina Linnolahti. The books are available only in Finnish. 

The book products are printed in Finland and made of high quality materials. Linnolahti also offers photography services. 

Unavaate is known especially for its soft muslin products and stylish Waffle Cloth Stroller Curtains. We also have Finnish hand-made bow products for sale. In addition to Una's own products we sell a few high quality brands.

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