Nice to see you here, welcome! Unavaate is a Finnish online store that sells products especially for children. Many parents have chosen the world's best muslin products, waffle cloth stroller curtains and other necessary goods for their babies.

In Una's selection there are also high quality bathrobes and hand-made bows for everyone. Bows made of vegan leather or cork fabric are good for matching the whole family and they last long. 

Una's products are designed to be multipurpose and long-lasting. For example the popular Muslin Blanket is good for baby swaddling, towel or picnic blanket. We want our products to last and we test the products ourselves before start selling them. The products are made in Tallinn, Estonia and the bows in Finland. We want to offer you the best quality in products and service!

Sewing was long an important and loved hobby for Anu (the entrepreneur). The first sewing products were simple beanies. The sewing skills became better and better throughout the time.

Then Anu started to make the products also for sale. The ordering process through text messages was slow and complicated. Due to that she decided to found an online store. First she sold children's clothes but more and more of you wanted to buy bows and products for baby caring. The amount of ordering increased and as an entrepreneur Anu noticed to have no time to make the products any more. Luckily we found a good subcontract sewing shop in Tallinn. Nowadays the sewing machines in the office are used for sewing model products but every products to be sold are sewn in Tallinn.

In the autumn in 2021 Anu's family was having a baby. The amount of work had increased very much; Anu was quite in trouble. Ellu, the sister of Anu, was studying in another city. When Anu asked her sister to come working for her, she promised. That was a huge relief for Anu because she was no longer the only one who knew about things and she didn't need to take care of everything anymore. 

There are also 1-3 part time workers for packing the orders. You can see who has packed your order from the card you get with your package. 

Greetings from Vesilahti, Finland

Anu & Ellu

Unavaate is known especially for its soft muslin products and stylish Waffle Cloth Stroller Curtains. We also have Finnish hand-made bow products for sale. In addition to Una's own products we sell a few high quality brands.

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Unan Halli (the store) is open on wed, thur, fri at 9-15.

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Visiting us is possible also other time if asked. Contact us by phone or with a message
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