Muslin Romper, olive

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Product description

The cute romper made of gauze is light and comfortable on the child.

Product details

Una's cutest Muslin clothing collection! High-quality gauze clothes from the familiar soft gauze fabric. Could there be a more comfortable garment to wear on a child? The gauze fabric is light and airy, protects the child's sensitive skin well from the sun.

  • Sizes: 50/56, 62/68, 74/80, 86/92. The size corresponds to a double size larger size. The sizes are generous, you can find the exact measurements in the picture.
  • Material: 100% cotton, Ökötex 100
  • Washing: 40%, tumble dryer not recommended, ironing 2 points

Products from Unavaate are designed in Finland and made in Tallinn, Estonia.

NB! The colour in the photo may be slightly different from the real one.

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Unavaate is known especially for its soft muslin products and stylish Waffle Cloth Stroller Curtains. We also have Finnish hand-made bow products for sale. In addition to Una's own products we sell a few high quality brands.

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