Beige haalari vastasyntyneellä (koko 50/56)

Muslin Jumpsuit, beige (long-sleeve)

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Product description

Finally, Una's small Muslin clothing collection is here!

The wonderful gauze overalls are light and comfortable on the child.

Product details

Una's cutest Muslin clothing collection! High-quality gauze clothes from the familiar soft gauze fabric. Could there be a more comfortable garment to wear on a child? The gauze fabric is light and airy, protects the child's sensitive skin well from the sun.

The jumpsuit have buttons on the front, with which the jumpsuit can be put on quickly. The jumpsuit has long sleeves, so it also protects the arms from the sun. By rolling up the legs, the overalls become a shorts-length suit.

  • Sizes: 50/56, 62/68, 74/80, 86/92. The size corresponds to a double size larger size. The sizes are generous, you can see the exact measurements in the picture.
  • Material: 100% cotton, Ökötex 100
  • Washing: 40%, tumble dryer not recommended, ironing 2 points

Note! Remember to open the buttons close to the button so that the fabric at the button does not stretch too much

Products from Unavaate are designed in Finland and made in Tallinn, Estonia.

NB! The colour in the photo may be slightly different from the real one.

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Unavaate is known especially for its soft muslin products and stylish Waffle Cloth Stroller Curtains. We also have Finnish hand-made bow products for sale. In addition to Una's own products we sell a few high quality brands.

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